Youth policy

Growing production potential and dynamic development of «Surgutneftegas» PJSC dictate the necessity of implementation of numerous measures aimed at search and attraction of ambitious, promising and enterprising young people to the Company. Work with young specialists and employed young people and formation of cadre reserve allow to keep up high technological and economic performance results by virtue of fresh ideas of graduates of the country’s key educational institutions working in the Company.

As a part of the young specialist training program, the Company cooperates successfully with a number of the country’s educational institutions. Today, graduates (young employees) can make their career in «Surgutneftegas» PJSC not only in the spheres of oil, gas and geology, but in many other ones: mechanic engineering, power generation, modeling, construction and many others.

Young specialist status gives the young employee an opportunity to take advantage of the system of measures on adaptation to working conditions, jobsite training and professional development in «Surgutneftegas» PJSC. Work with young specialists provides for optimal placing of personnel on vacant working places, their adaptation to the production working conditions, successful mastering of the profession and position, involvement into the scientific and technical activity, social, professional, career and skill development. High effectiveness of work is ensured by the efforts of young specialists under the leadership of chiefs and leading specialists of business units, activity of personnel management departments, the Youth Association of the Company due to practical use of the results of scientific and technical developments, working achievements and social activity of young specialists.

Annually since 1980, the Company has been holding a scientific and technical conference of young scientists and specialists for the purpose of implementation of the Company’s main tasks in the sphere of scientific and technical activity, involvement of young scientists and specialists into the engineering processes enhancement aimed at improvement of working conditions and implementation of new technologies with economic effectiveness for «Surgutneftegas» PJSC. Authors of the reports, who win first places in sections, are provided with jobsite training abroad to acquire the existing experience of foreign companies in oil and gas production sphere. Second place winners are sent to jobsite training for sharing of experience with other leading domestic companies. Prize-winning places in the scientific and technological conference are a good start of a career for the Company’s young employees.

Annually, the Victor Deshura Award (the Chief Engineer of Production Association «Surgutneftegas» in the period of 1983–1995) is conferred in «Surgutneftegas» PJSC. The Award is intended for the incentive of young employees for scientific, rationalizing and inventive activity, development and implementation of measures on increasing the production effectiveness, which have the greatest proved economic effect in the production. The Company supports young employees’ active participation in the city, regional and All-Russian conferences and forums.

Since 23 November 2003, there has been the Youth Association of «Surgutneftegas» PJSC. The Youth Association is a self-governed nonprofit organization of young employees associated on the basis of common interests in implementation of main directions of the Company’s youth policy.

The Association is created and carries out its business for the purpose of increasing the role of youth in the Company’s production and social activity, involvement of youth into scientific and technical activity, professional adaptation in the production, organization of leisure time and assistance in solving of different social problems of people under 35 years old working in «Surgutneftegas» PJSC domiciliary or in the jobsite. Core operations of the Youth Association include:

  • adaptation of young employees;
  • scientific and technical activity;
  • information work;
  • social activity;
  • organization and carrying out of cultural public events and sports tournaments.

Measures and events of the Youth Association develop motivation of young employees towards professional development, self-education and mobility.