Measures for protection of water resources

Measures for protection of water resources in 2017 are aimed at prevention water bodies and gathering grounds from sewage, industrial waters, production and consumption waste discharge as well as at rational water resources management. Adherence to the standards and requirements of the regulatory documents on planning and fulfillment of operations within water protection zones and upgrade of facilities built in 1970 – 1980 in compliance with up-to-date environmental regulations make it possible.

Thus, in 2017, the Company continues to work on installation of drain tanks on 21 well pads, reconstruction of ramps and installs barrier gates at 80 well pads. In Khanty-Mansiysky Autonomous Okrug – Yugra and Tyumenskaya Oblast all waste water produced by the business units of the Company is treated and injected into the reservoir pressure maintenance system. In 2017, household waste water used for injection into the reservoir pressure maintenance system is expected to save 4.0 million cubic meters of fresh water abstracted by the Company from surface and ground water.

For maintaining reservoir pressure, it is not rational to use the sewage from operational bases of the Company’s business units in the village of Vitim in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), because the place is located a long distance away (more than 100 kilometers) from the Talakanskoye oil and gas condensate field. All household sewage of the industrial zone is discharged into biological treatment facilities, and further streamed to Romanovsky Klyuch brook after being cleaned to the required standard. In 2017, 18.842 thousand cubic meters of cleaned water are expected to be streamed to Romanovsky Klyuch brook.

There are sanitary protection zones developed for all drinking water intake points and having a positive sanitary-epidemiological conclusion. The Company evaluated groundwater reserves on the basis of which appropriate additions to the license agreements for subsoil use are made.

During the planned period, the Company will continue to work on rational use of water resources that will lower the Company’s specific water consumption by 2% on average, maintaining it at a minimum level of less than 2 cubic meters of water per tonne of oil produced.

In 2017, the Company will continue to monitor surface and ground waters and soils surrounding well pads being drilled to determine how construction of wells and oil production influence the quality of natural environment components and take timely measures to reduce negative environmental impacts.

All new oil field facilities incorporate water disposal facilities. In 2017, the Company plans to spend RUB 16.714 million on implementation of program on construction of water protection facilities, including RUB 4.533 million (construction of sewage pump stations at the Yuzhno-Konitlorskoye field and the village of Beliy Yar), RUB 1.732 million (sewage water treatment units at Yuzhno-Konitlorskoye and Fedorovskoye fields) and RUB 10.449 million (construction of Heater-Treater units at the Yuzhno-Konitlorskoye, Fedorovskoye and Verkhnekazymskoye fields).