In-house environmental monitoring

In-house environmental monitoring In 2017, it is planned to conduct industrial environmental monitoring within 93 license blocks of OJSC “Surgutneftegas” located in 6 regions of the Russian Federation: KhMAO – Yugra, YaNAO, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Irkutskaya, Novosibirskaya and Tyumenskaya Oblasts. Industrial environmental monitoring is carried out within two main areas: 1. The quality monitoring of natural environment components (surface and ground waters, bottom sediments, soils, ambient air and snow) within the Company’s license blocks in the aggregate.

In 2017, it is planned to conduct assessment of the initial contamination (background pollution level) of natural environment components which is always carried out prior to the beginning of production activity at the block within 16 license blocks. The Company will perform sampling in 235 points of monitoring as part of the said activities.

At the blocks, where the Company carries out exploitation of mineral resources, construction of field facilities and their commercial operation, local environmental monitoring is performed. In 2017, it is planned to conduct local environmental monitoring in 77 license blocks at 1,342 points. 2. Control over the environmental condition in the areas where the Company’s production facilities are placed.

In 2017, it is planned to conduct environmental monitoring of 684 production facilities (including sludge pits and other waste decontamination facilities as well as well pads constructed using a technology of pitless drilling) at 1,985 points.

In 2017, the amount of sampling and analysis of samples is intended to total 25,566, including 17,142 samplings of natural water, 993 samplings of bottom sediments, 2,299 samplings of air, 4,943 samplings of soils and 189 samplings of snow.

In 2017, the monitoring program will be continued for the surface water of Lake Imlor, the water area of which together with the adjacent territory was assigned the status of a cultural heritage site of local significance, the sightseeing attraction “Sacred Lake Imlor”. The said program provides for sampling and analysis of samples of the surface water, bottom sediments and soils at 10 checkpoints. Laboratory study and research during industrial environmental monitoring by OJSC “Surgutneftegas” will be carried out both by specialists of 11 in-house laboratories in KhMAO – Yugra and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and by independent third-party organizations.

In addition to chemical and analytical studies, remote monitoring of the Company’s fields based on air patrolling (including the use of unmanned drones) and interpretation of large-scale aerial photography and ultra-high resolution space imagery is an integral part of the Company’s industrial environmental monitoring. Remote monitoring is used to make inventories of disturbed lands, develop and update projects for sludge pit reclamation, projects for local environmental monitoring and sampling schemes, assess current environmental situation within license blocks as well as solve other ecological problems.

In 2017, it is planned to carry out geobotanical monitoring provided for by the new technology of forest rehabilitation in the area of 236 sludge pits of the Company as well as landscape monitoring within 7 license blocks in KhMAO – Yugra. Remote environmental monitoring will be performed by Surgut R&D and Project Design Institute “SurgutNIPIneft”.

Considering that OJSC “Surgutneftegas” operates within business activity zone of the “Numto” nature park, industrial environmental monitoring within this area is carried out under the expanded program and includes control over biota condition in addition to chemical and analytical studies of environmental components. In 2017, field biomonitoring operations are planned to be carried out by the expeditionary unit comprised of highly qualified specialists of leading Russian scientific institutions and Yugansky State Nature Reserve. The studies will include assessment of key components of biogeocenoses and analysis of the change dynamics of the fields developed at the “Numto” nature park.

In addition, the Company intends to continue monitoring of bioresources and cryolithozone within the active fields in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) with the help of the scientists of the Institute for Biological Problems of Cryolithozone, Siberian Branch of RAS. In 2017, the Company plans to carry out research at the Vostochno-Alinskoye and the Central Block of the Talakanskoye oil and gas condensate fields.

Summary report on results of industrial environmental monitoring within license blocks of OJSC “Surgutneftegas” In the territory of Khanty-Mansiysky Autonomous Okrug – Yugra 2016

Summary report on results of industrial environmental monitoring within license blocks of OJSC “Surgutneftegas” in Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous Okrug 2016