Charter and in-house regulations

Charter of «Surgutneftegas» PJSC (revised)
Regulations on the general shareholders’ meeting (revised)
Regulations on the Board of Directors (revised)
Regulations on the Auditing Committee (revised)
Regulations on the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors of “Surgutneftegas” PJSC
Regulations on Internal Audit Service of “Surgutneftegas” PJSC
Regulations on the Corporate Secretary of “Surgutneftegas” PJSC
Regulations on Corporate Ethics of “Surgutneftegas” PJSC
List of Insider Information
Regulations on the Procedure of Access to the Insider Information of "Surgutneftegas" PJSC, Rules for Protecting Confidentiality of Such Information and Monitoring Compliance with Regulatory Legal Acts
Regulations on the Dividend Policy of “Surgutneftegas” PJSC
Risk Management and Internal Control Policy of “Surgutneftegas” PJSC
Regulations on Submission of the Documents and Information to the Shareholders of “Surgutneftegas” PJSC