“In order to counter fraud “Surgutneftegas” PJSC draws your attention to fraudulent actions involving illegal use of the corporate name of “Surgutneftegas” PJSC and its subsidiaries.

Using the name of “Surgutneftegas” PJSC, the frauds are sending fictitious commercial offers for the purchase of products manufactured by
“Surgutneftegas” PJSC. The offers for the purchase of products of “Surgutneftegas” PJSC sent via e-mail may include a draft contract, list of products with prices, bank details for payment, etc.

These fraudulent documents illegally use corporate identity elements and names of employees of “Surgutneftegas” PJSC, thus misleading the receivers that they may somehow refer to the activity of “Surgutneftegas” PJSC and its subsidiaries. Also, in order to mislead the receivers, the offenders mention in their letters companies whose names look similar to “Surgutneftegas” PJSC or its subsidiaries, but have nothing to do with them.

We ask you to follow the instructions below to counter the fraudulent actions and prevent any possible financial damage.

As we previously stated, according to its marketing policy, “Surgutneftegas” PJSC sells all of its products via exchange trading organized by JSC “Saint-Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange” and JSC “St. Petersburg Exchange”.

“Surgutneftegas” PJSC does not send any commercial offers via third parties. “Surgutneftegas” PJSC does not guarantee any deliveries by sending e-mails either from ourselves or through our authorized persons.

Any deeds pertaining to the delivery of products by “Surgutneftegas” PJSC are signed by the representative of “Surgutneftegas” PJSC acting through the power of attorney. Director General of “Surgutneftegas” PJSC does not sign any such documents.

“Surgutneftegas” PJSC urges caution to avoid fraud by carefully verifying all
the received information with the official resources. In particular, we strongly advise you to refer to the official web-site of “Surgutneftegas” PJSC (www.surgutneftegas.ru) for checking the telephone numbers and electronic addresses (domain names) mentioned in the offers to buy products of “Surgutneftegas” PJSC.

We ask you to avoid using the information from unverified sources. Before making agreements (contracts) or transferring funds, we recommend, if necessary, send a request to “Surgutneftegas” PJSC."