For shareholders, management companies and nominee holders

Dividends are paid to persons holding the shares of the corresponding category (type) or to persons exercising the rights attached to these shares in compliance with federal laws at the close of the date when persons entitled to dividends are being determined in accordance with the resolution to pay dividends.

«Surgutneftegas» PJSC and the Registrar (JSC «Surgutinvestneft») shall not be held liable for any loss incurred when the shareholders registered in the Issuer’s shareholder register including persons represented by the nominee holders or trustees of the Issuer’s shares fail to provide the following before the end of the dividend payout period:

  • information on any change in their data, including bank details;
  • a complete set of duly executed documents justifying the exemption from profit tax payable by organizations on dividends as well as application of reduced tax rate under international tax treaties on double taxation, tax and levy legislation of the Russian Federation and other legal regulations on taxes and levies defining dividend tax policy.
  • documents confirming that a foreign organization is entitled to receive income from «Surgutneftegas» PJSC (in case of application of benefits and preferences provided in accordance with international treaties of the Russian Federation).

In case the shareholders do not submit the complete set of duly and/or timely executed documents mentioned above, «Surgutneftegas» PJSC will apply a general taxation procedure to dividends paid to such shareholders.

To the attention of shareholders:

A person, who will act as a tax agent when paying dividend income to a shareholder is determined depending on where the shareholder’s right for «Surgutneftegas» PJSC securities is registered — the Issuer, a depositary or a trustee.

Regulations on the Dividend Policy of «Surgutneftegas» PJSC are published in Section «Investors and Shareholders» — «Information disclosure» — «In-house regulations» (DP.pdf).