«Surgutneftegas» PJSC policy on interaction with indigenous minorities of the North

Support of the small-numbered indigenous peoples of the North, development of long-term and stable cooperation based on mutual respect and trust is one of the Company’s priorities.

Territories historically inhabited by the Khanty, Mansi, Nenets and other small-numbered peoples which are engaged in deer herding, fishing, hunting, gathering of wild harvest and other traditional northern industries overlap with the Company’s license blocks. It is the territory of environmental and social responsibility of «Surgutneftegas» PJSC.

Basic principles employed by the Company for interaction with the small-numbered indigenous peoples of the North:

  • Compliance with federal and regional legislation aimed at protecting the rights and legitimate interests of the small-numbered indigenous peoples.
  • Preservation of the primordial environment, traditional way of life, housekeeping and industries of the indigenous population.
  • Recognition of the importance of land, water bodies, wild harvest and game animals, maintaining environmental resource potential of the ecosystems as the basis for the traditional nature management of the small-numbered peoples.
  • Rational use of land and natural resources in places of traditional residence and traditional housekeeping of the small-numbered indigenous peoples of the North.
  • Obligation to respect the ethnic identity, culture and local customs of the indigenous people.
  • Maintaining a balance between the interests of the Company and the small-numbered indigenous peoples of the North by imposing mutual self-restrictions and obligations.
  • Ensuring participation of representatives of the small-numbered indigenous peoples of the North in decision-making on placement of business facilities in the territory of their living and traditional farming.
  • Conclusion of economic agreements and treaties as the most important tools of equal partnership with the indigenous people in order to compensate for the limitation imposed on the traditional use of natural resources.
  • Transparency and availability of the Company’s socially significant environmental efforts, the state of the natural environment and the relations with the small-numbered indigenous peoples of the North.

While implementing social and economic projects to develop infrastructure, support education, culture and improve living standards of the indigenous population, «Surgutneftegas» PJSC concludes agreements with the regional authorities and municipalities. Moreover, contracts on subsoil use of land parcels within the boundaries of traditional nature management areas, aimed at solving social problems of the local population are concluded with the holders of traditional nature management rights. Monitoring and control over the performance of contractual relations is exercised using special software «Small-numbered indigenous peoples of the North».

Services dedicated to work with the small-numbered indigenous peoples of the North operate in the headquarters and business units of «Surgutneftegas» PJSC. The Company provides the indigenous population with health, transportation, communication services and supplies (snowmobiles, motorboats, boat engines, chainsaws, construction materials, etc.).

The personnel’s awareness of the environmental safety issues is constantly increasing. The Company organizes educational seminars with the employees of «Surgutneftegas» PJSC and its contractors to discuss the code of conduct with the indigenous population, and gives unscheduled briefings prior to admission to work in the territory of living of the indigenous peoples and their traditional farming.

Adherence to a special access mode is organized which restricts entry of unauthorized persons, conveyance of firearms, fishing equipment, explosives and hazardous chemicals, dogs and other animals as well as alcohol beverages. Hunting, fishing and wild harvest gathering in the territory of living of the small-numbered indigenous people and their traditional farming are strictly prohibited.

Absolute inviolability of the property of the indigenous population as well as places of the worship and shrines is provided. Measures are taken to ensure safe movement at the intersection of road traffic routes with deer paths and roads of the indigenous people by sign posting, building safe crossings and driveways and their timely clearing; clearing dirt roads and driveways from fallen trees used by the small-numbered indigenous peoples of the North.

In order to maintain stable cooperation and to improve the system of relations with the small-numbered indigenous peoples of the North, «Surgutneftegas» PJSC analyzes and takes into account the experience of other subsoil using companies.