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Surgutneftegas holds the 23rd science and technology conference for young scientists and specialists

April 1 through 25, 2003, OJSC “Surgutneftegas” will be holding the 23rd Science and Technology Conference for young scientists and specialists.

Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of Open Joint Stock Company “Surgutneftegas” was held on March 20 in Surgut

The Company’s annual report, balance sheet, profit and loss account were presented to and approved by the shareholders, taking into consideration the conclusion of the Auditing Commission and the Independent Auditor as well as distribution of 2002 revenues.

In 2003, the general metrological laboratory has commissioned three more production units

In February-March 2003, the General Metrological Laboratory commissioned yet another two units, one for repairs and calibration of deep-earth level gages and dynamographs, which are used to determine oil-bearing strata position and wellhead pressure, and the other employed to calibrate and repair fuel flow meters installed in the vehicular petrol filling stations. Before that, in January this year, the Laboratory’s experts launched a unit for checking of current transformers.

Surgutneftegas was granted five licenses in 2002 and two licenses in early 2003 to use subsurface recources

In 2002 Surgutneftegas obtained 5 licenses to use subsurface resources including two licenses for possible prospecting and production of oil and gas at Severo-Labatyugansky and Severo-Yuryevsky areas with recoverable reserves of 14.1 and 5.4 mln tons of C1 and C2 oil respectively.

Surgutneftegas to invest over RUR 5 bn in nature conservation in 2003

Following its program to gradually reduce environmental impact, Surgutneftegas invested over RUR 12 bn in nature conservation during the last three years.

In January and February of 2003 Surgutneftegas increased oil and gas production by over 11%

In January and February of the current year, oil production reached 8.416 mln. tons, a 11.4% increase in comparison with the volumes produced during the same period of 2002.

Surgutneftegas is to construct five gas turbine power plants by the end of 2004

Surgutneftegas by the end of 2003 plans to put into operation 2 gas turbine power plants (GTPP) at Lukyavinskoye and Russkinskoye oil fields.