Rational use of energy resources is the cornerstone of OJSC “Surgutneftegas” energy policy. For more than ten years, the Company has paid close attention to reducing the consumption of fuel and energy resources and energy efficiency in production processes and equipment.

OJSC “Surgutneftegas” has been implementing energy-saving and energy-efficiency program since 1997. The Program covers all sectors of the Company´s operation including these 10 main areas:
- drilling wells;
- artificial lift and oil recovery enhancement;
- water injection;
- oil treatment and transportation;
- gas production and transmission;
- gas processing;
- power generation;
- capital construction;
- well service and workover;
- major repair of buildings and structures.

The scope of the current Program includes 85 measures that allowed the Company to compensate for up to 3% of energy costs related to constant develop-ment of the Company´s oil production complex.

As part of the energy saving program, OJSC “Surgutneftegas” annually im-plements energy-efficient electrical and process equipment, including advanced systems for reactive power compensation, permanent magnet motors, energy-saving lamps, energy-efficient transformers, and others.

To ensure accurate planning and 100% metering of energy consumption, OJSC “Surgutneftegas” has built a system of commercial and technical metering of electric and thermal energy, fuel and water.

In recent years, OJSC “Surgutneftegas” has also introduced information sys-tems that allow making energy consumption metering an automated process.

In particular, the software package “Energy” allowed using the integrated en-ergy infrastructure and energy management system. This system performs schedul-ing of consumption, power generation, capacity, heat energy, hot water throughout the year in a single information system. 


The implementation of the energy saving program in OJSC “Surgutneftegas”

OJSC “Surgutneftegas” annually develops and implements a program for en-ergy saving and energy efficiency in order to increase energy efficiency and reduce the amount of used energy resources. The energy saving program includes measures introducing energy saving technologies and new energy efficient equip-ment as well as organizational and technical measures aimed at lowering energy consumption in all sectors of operation.

The planned total savings of fuel and energy resources (FER) as a result of the implementation of energy saving and energy efficiency program for 2017 amount to 474.9 thousand tons of equivalent fuel, including the following by type of operation:

Actual saving of fuel and energy resources achieved in 2016 amounted to 516.3 thousand tonnes of equivalent fuel including the following by type of operation:

The dynamics of indicators of fuel and energy resources economy
In OJSC “Surgutneftegas” for 2011-2016